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Hacks to get 10,000 steps a day!

Hitting a daily step goal is a nice way to ensure you’re staying active on a daily basis. It is also great for increasing your NEAT (Non-exercise activity, thermogenesis) if you’re on a weight loss journey to aid in your calorie deficit.

Habit pair, pair a short walk with something that you already do on a daily basis. For example you brush your teeth twice a day every time when you’ve finished brushing, take a quick wander around the house.

Park in a car parking spot that is once of the furthest away from where you need to go.

Carry your shopping in from the car with more than one trip.

Swap out coffee with a friend for a stroll through the park instead, then you’ll be walking for that hour as opposed to staying seated the whole time.

Walk the long way to the toilet when you need to go.

Aim to make the conscious effort to do some steps first thing in the morning. As the days go on it is likely things will come up and you’ll push back getting in your steps meaning it’s more likely you won’t get them done.

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