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Range of Motion for Performance

If your aim is to increase muscle size (eg. grow a booty) or power output (eg. jump high) then you need to read carefully.

I’m here to explain to you that while you’re trying to get big and powerful you should also still want to be flexible and mobile as these qualities go hand in hand. 

 You shouldn’t over look flexibility and range of motion when trying to I’m increase muscle size or power and I’m going to tell you why. 

Simply speaking Moment occurs when force is produced by a muscle which pulls on a bone around a joint. 

The most important muscle property is contractility which is When the muscle creates a pulling force for movement. When the muscle is at its Resting length (aka length tension relationship) this is when the most force can be generated. 

If you over develop a muscle without prioritising ROM you can negatively affect the length tension relationship hindering your ability to produce force which will effect your power output.

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