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Somethings you might find useful

1RM- 1 repetition maximum

3RM - 3 repetition maximum

5RM - 5 repetition maximum

Rep - repetition

PC - posterior chain

PR - personal record

TUT - time under tension

Superset - 2 exercises back to back

Triset - 3 exercises back to back

Giantset - 4 exercises back to back

BMR - basic metabolic rate

e/s - each side

SA - single arm

SL - single leg

RPE - rate of perceived exertion

DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness

ROM - range of motion

Eccentric phase - lengthening of muscle

Concentric - shortening of muscle

Isometric - muscle at constant length

Set - number of cycles of reps

BB - barbell

DB - dumbbell

KB - kettlebell

AMRAP - as many reps/ rounds as possible

EMOM - every minute on the minute

TDEE - total daily energy expenditure

RDL - Romanian deadlift

BSS - Bulgarian split squat

Like if there was one on the list that you didn’t know!

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